M Dining Student Jobs

M Dining hires students to work in catering, athletics, campus restaurants, and even internships! 

To learn more about our current positions ...

Domestic Students: Please bring your class schedule, U Card, a Photo ID, and an additional form of ID (Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, U.S. Passport, or Permanent Resident Card). You will interview, fill out paperwork, and be scheduled for shifts.  

International Students: Please bring your U Card. Due to our new hiring process, you will be interviewed and then receive instructions to receive a work authorization form. You will be scheduled for shifts as soon as we receive the work authorization form.

Types of Jobs

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Residential Restaurants

Work where you live! Each dining hall has positions available - no matter what level of experience you have. Contact the Job Office to find out what is available.

On-Campus Restaurants

M Dining operates over 30 restaurants, coffee cafés, and convenience stores on campus. Work as a barista at Starbucks or be a sandwich artist at Subway. We offer all types of jobs that work with your student class schedule!

1851 Heritage Catering

Want to work VIP events on campus? Sign up to work for 1851 Heritage Catering and join our first class service team. Work as a server at a variety of locations on campus.

Gopher Hospitality (Athletics)

Love sports? Be a part of the action while making money when you work for Aramark athletics services on campus. Work as a concessions worker, catering server or warehouse runner at Gopher Football games. Contact Davina Holmgren at holmg077@umn.edu for more information on how to apply.

M Dining Internships

M Dining offers a variety of internships in the fields of marketing, finance, human resources, sustainability, and nutrition. Watch GoldPass for available positions in the fall and spring or email the Job Office.

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