Apartment and Commuter Meal Plans

Meal plans should fit the way you live! With an Apartment Meal Plan, you get easy access to breakfast, lunch or dinner meals in four residential restaurants (Bailey, Pioneer, Sanford, and 17th Ave Halls). Simply enter a residential restaurant, swipe your U Card and one meal is deducted from your meal plan. 

In addition to being able to purchase any of the Residential Meal Plans (such as the Anytime Dining, 14 Meals per Week, 11 Meals per Week), apartment residents may also take advantage of Block Plans. Apartment residents may choose a plan at any time, and we will adjust the cost for the meals-per-week plans based on the time remaining in the semester.

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find your fit

Not sure which meal plan is the best fit for your lifestyle? Visit our "Find Your Fit" Meal Plan Tool and we will match you with the best meal plan option based on where you live and how often you eat on campus!

Spring 2022 Semester Apartment Meal Plans (Jan. 15 - May 11, 2022)
150 Block 80 Block 50 Block
150 meals 80 meals 50 meals
+ $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $100 FlexDine (per semester)
$1,550/semester $945/semester $640/semester


11 Meals/Week 11 Meals/Week Upgrade

+ $100 FlexDine (per semester)

+ $250 FlexDine (per semester)

$2,070/semester $2,180/semester


14 Meals/Week 14 Meals/Week Upgrade
+ $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $250 FlexDine (per semester)
$2,140/semester $2,270/semester


Anytime Dining Anytime Dining Upgrade
+ $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $250 FlexDine (per semester)
$2,350/semester $2,430/semester