Residence Hall Meal Plans

Meal plans are made up of two parts that work together to create one plan you can always rely on: all-you-care-to-eat meals and FlexDine dollars. Students living in Bailey, Centennial, Comstock, Frontier, Middlebrook, Pioneer, Sanford, Territorial or 17th Avenue Residence Halls are required to select one of the following meal plans on their application for housing. If you don‘t indicate your meal plan preference, you will automatically be assigned to the 14 meals per week + $100 FlexDine plan.

If you choose a weekly meal plan, each time you eat in an all-you-care-to-eat residential restaurant, one meal will be subtracted from your meal plan balance. Weekly meal plans are reset every Monday morning before breakfast. Don’t forget your U Card — you can’t eat without it (unless you have cash).

With the Anytime Dining plan, you have unlimited access to the dining halls whenever they are open. Whether you want just a cup of coffee, or a slice of pizza, you do not have to worry about counting your swipes.

Note: Meal plan options are subject to change based on service model adjustments and fall opening safety plans.

student getting food

Spring 2022 Semester Residence Hall Meal Plans (Jan. 15 - May 11, 2022)
11 Meals/Week 11 Meals/Week Upgrade
Sleeping in? No problem. We’ve got the perfect meal plan for you! Enjoy the consistency of a weekly meal plan (which you can use at any on-campus residential restaurant) without committing to every early breakfast. That’s what the $100 FlexDine is for: to grab a quick granola bar on the way to class! With the 11 Meals per Week Upgrade, spend your lunches split between residential restaurants and your favorite on-campus national brands. This plan is perfect for the student on the go: enjoy weekly swipes for sit down dinners in the residential restaurants on top of extra FlexDine for those quick meal stops at Erbert & Gerbert’s, Subway or Panda Express.
+ $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $250 FlexDine (per semester)
+ 10 Guest Meal Swipes + 10 Guest Meal Swipes
$2,070/semester $2,180/semester


14 Meals/Week 14 Meals/Week Upgrade
The most popular plan! The standard 14 Meals per Week plan provides consistency to your day with a set number of meals per week. You can use your meal swipes whenever you want throughout the week at any of the all-you-care-to-eat on-campus residential restaurants. Enjoy the convenience of the 14 Meals per Week plan with a little boost. Add on $250 FlexDine to your weekly meal swipes for any hunger on the go! Use your extra FlexDine for a sandwich at Erbert & Gerbert’s, a coffee at Starbucks or even bottled beverages at your on-campus convenience stores.
+ $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $250 FlexDine (per semester)
+ 10 Guest Meal Swipes + 10 Guest Meal Swipes
$2,140/semester $2,270//semester


Anytime Dining Anytime Dining Upgrade
The Anytime Dining plan is the perfect plan for students, offering flexibility, value and convenience. With this plan students can eat at any residential restaurant whenever the dining halls are open — whether they’re looking for a full meal, a quick snack or just a beverage.  Plus, this plan has the best value, with the lowest average price per meal. Talk about a good deal!   The ultimate flexibility! Not only can you eat at any residential restaurant as much as you would like, but now you have even more FlexDine to spend at on-campus coffee shops, convenience stores and food courts whenever you feel a craving. This extra FlexDine on your U Card is great for a quick Starbucks run, a study session at Caribou Coffee or for restocking your mini-fridge at The Market in your residence hall. 
+ $100 FlexDine (per semester) + $250 FlexDine (per semester)
+ 10 Guest Meal Swipes + 10 Guest Meal Swipes
$2,350/semester $2,430/semester