Special Diets

M Dining will work with students individually regarding special dietary needs. Please feel free to contact our Registered Dietitian to learn about available dining options on campus that fit your needs. If you’re living in a residence hall, we also suggest meeting with your dining hall's manager to review specific menu options. 

Online Menus

Dining Hall menus are posted one week in advance on CampusDish. Nutrition information is available and the menu can be filtered based on certain special dietary needs. Students are encouraged to communicate with dining hall staff about food allergies. Click here to view the menus.

True Balance Stations

The True Balance Station is located in Pioneer on the East Bank and Middlebrook on the West Bank. This station accommodates students who must avoid allergens in their diet. It features a protein, vegetable and starch made without eight common allergens. To reduce the risk of cross-contact, self-service at this station is not permitted and a clean plate must always be used and served by an employee. Items at this station are also gluten fee.

Made without Gluten

All Residential Restaurants offer a made without gluten station that includes UDI’s gluten-free bread products, cereal, individual condiments, and a designated toaster. UDI’s pizza crust is also available at all locations and can be requested at the pizza station. Grilled chicken breast and burgers can be requested at the grill station. Frozen gluten-free meals such as Amy’s, UDI’s, Evol, and Saffron Road are also an additional option. Please contact M Dining’s Registered Dietitian to learn more.


A vegan entrée is available during each meal in the residential restaurants in addition to the salad bar and pasta station during lunch and dinner. A vegan soft serve ice cream machine is also available in the Pioneer, Middlebrook, Sanford and 17th Ave Residential Restaurants. Vegan dessert items are available upon request at all other locations. Please visit the CampusDish website to filter menus for available options.


Frozen kosher meals are available upon request in all residential restaurants and additional microwaves have been added to all dining areas. House of Hummus, serving certified kosher meals, is also available in the Minnesota Marketplace at Coffman Memorial Union.


Halal-certified chicken is available by request at the grill station of all residential restaurants. Halal-certified chicken is also used in all dining hall recipes that include chicken breast; however these full recipes may not be Halal-certified, depending on the other ingredients of the recipe.

Jenna talks about True Balance Allergen Station