M Dining Sustainability Plan

Our purpose is simple. We are focused on making a positive impact on people and our planet.

By focusing on these two areas, our goals take shape:

  • Enabling the wellbeing of thousands of employees, students, and community members
  • Protecting the environment that allows us to operate and serve food at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

We realize that in order to have a healthy and prosperous planet, we need to start by focusing on the wellbeing of our diverse work force and the guests we serve. Our Sustainability goals empower guests to make environmentally friendly choices that benefit their health, and we source ethically and inclusively throughout our supply chain. Once the needs of people are met, we can strengthen our efforts to reduce food waste and packaging, operate our locations in the most efficient way possible, and contribute to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives, please visit the People and Planet sections of our website.

crop mob

M Dining managers participating in a "crop mob" at U of M Cornercopia Student Organic Farm (St. Paul campus)